Connect to nature this Autumn

Create a little hygge* at home this autumn with the addition of Wilde House indoor plants.
It's the season for cuddling up with your loved ones in your cosy space. After the sun-kissed events that summer offered us, autumn is now the time to rewind at home and recharge. The transition of season calls for mindful practices and creating time for self-care.
This is where Wilde House comes into it. Our beautiful range of thriving houseplants can easily refresh your abode and elevate the aesthetic - making the perfect and affordable interior addition to set your home's mood for the season ahead. We suggest trying impactful air-purifying houseplants such as Zoe our Elephant Ear, Harry our Happy Plant and Shaz our Umbrella Tree. Place these green babes in a space where you spend most of your time, such as your home office, living room or bedroom.
Self-care comes in many forms, and plant care is one of them. As you re-evaluate your plant care routine for autumn, ensure you spend quality time with your plants (watering, pruning, fertilising...even having a good ol' chat with them). Trim any dead leaves, spruce up the soil with some nutritious and delicious plant food and consider repotting your green fronds if necessary. A little love goes a long way! 
Happy autumn, plant lovers. x
*(n/vb.) A Danish word for a warm, pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, void of any annoyance or distraction. At total ease. 

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