Pet-friendly houseplants

We propagate, grow and deliver a curation of pet-friendly plants so you don't have to be on paw-patrol 24/7 with your green babes. 
Do you ever get that inkling feeling that your furry friends are chewing on something they shouldn't be? A sock...some left-over chocolate...your favourite lush green houseplant? Fear not plant-loving friends, we are here for you.
From Ginny our striking Variegated Ginger, to Chad our Never Never Plant, our selection of pet-friendly plants will make you feel at ease whilst the paws are pitter-pattering around the home. It's true that there are many houseplants that are not safe for cats and dogs - some plants, when ingested, can cause seizures, tremours or worse...
Ensure to keep your home happy and healthy by minimising these risks and selecting greenery that won't harm your four-legged friend. 
Take a sneak peak at our pet-friendly plants HERE.

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