Valentine’s Day - the house of love

Love lives in the Wilde House greenhouse this Valentine’s Day. 

Forget the flowers and lust over our blooming top picks that will thrive and survive, making the perfect gift for your special someone who has a green love affair with indoor plants. Free delivery included - happy days!

Our lush and larger than life Peace Lily (AKA Soph the Spathiphyllum), will bring a sense of peace to your loved one. The striking white flower that may flower during spring, is the symbol of a white flag which is recognised globally as a sign of ceasefire. Soph will also help to purify the air in your lover’s home. Win-win!
Is your lover a princess to you? Nothing resembles royalty more so than our easy-to-care-for Golden Princess. Gigi, our very own evergreen Ficus is a charming houseplant who flaunts her shiny green leaves with her elegant drooping branches.
Meet Carla, our unique Calathea Zebrina. She’s a symbol of new beginnings, with her meaning originating from the old English saying to ‘turn over a new leaf’, which is what Carla does at night as her leaves curl up when the moon rises and unfurl with the dawn of the sun. It’s poetic, and utterly romantic. Carla for the win!
Let your Valentine know you dig them with a flourishing new houseplant.

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