Elephant Ear | Alocasia Zebrina
Elephant Ear | Alocasia Zebrina
Elephant Ear | Alocasia Zebrina
Elephant Ear | Alocasia Zebrina
Elephant Ear | Alocasia Zebrina
Elephant Ear | Alocasia Zebrina

Elephant Ear | Alocasia Zebrina

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Zoe, our oh-so beautiful Alocasia Zebrina, commonly known as the Elephant's Ear Zebrina, is a striking perennial that is sure to purify the air in your home.

Originating from the rainforests in Brazil, the tall zebra-striped stems and large leaves help Zoe absorb as much available sunlight and rainfall as possible, which means she knows how to thrive and survive! Indoors, we suggest trying to mimic this environment so she thrives in your home. Place Zoe in medium light, ensure that it's not direct sun - a bright and sunny spot in your home that's away from the window is ideal. Zoe loves to be lightly watered regularly - water her soil when the top few centimetres seem dry. Mist Zoe often to help her breathe easy or place her in a steamy bathroom, she'll be forever grateful.

Wilde House Hack: If Zoe's leaves seem to be building up dust on her surface, give them a gentle wipe with a damp cloth. Dust-free foliage absorbs more light!

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POT SIZE | LARGE | 200mm
DIFFICULTY | CAREFREE | Very easy, perfect for beginners 
LIGHT LEVEL | INDIRECT | Thrives in bright indirect light 
WATER | 5 - 10 DAYS | Water frequently so that the soil is a little moist, but don't let your Elephant's Ear sit in water for a long period of time 
AIR CLEANER  | YES | Will assist in purifying the air 
PET + BABY FRIENDLY | NO | We suggest placing Elephant's Ears out of reach from pets or young children as they can cause mouth irritation and digestive reaction 
FEEDING | SEASONALLY | Fertilise with a slow-release fertiliser (refreshed every spring) or with liquid feed (applied in weakly doses every 2 - 3 months through the growing season)

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