Philodendron Silver Sword
Philodendron Silver Sword
Philodendron Silver Sword
Philodendron Silver Sword
Philodendron Silver Sword
Philodendron Silver Sword

Philodendron Silver Sword

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Lenny our unique Philodendron Silver Sword is a trailing houseplant that grows large green leaves with a glimmer and shimmer of striking silver... hello handsome!

Native to Colombia, he's an easy to care for kind of guy that will adapt to most indoor conditions, but prefers the warmth like a big cosy hug. Fertilise Lenny with a slow release fertiliser yearly to ensure his luscious growth is well-maintained. Spray Lenny's beautiful foliage with a mister to freshen his leaves and wipe them individually when they begin to look a little dusty. 

Fun Fact: The Philodendron Silver Sword's name derives from its striking silvery-blue, almost mirror-like foliage.

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POT SIZE | LARGE | 200mm
DIFFICULTY | CAREFREE | Very easy, perfect for beginners
LIGHT LEVEL | INDIRECT | Place in bright, indirect light. Avoid excessive direct sunlight
WATER | 5 - 10 DAYS | Water moderately. Ensure not to overwater and check that the soil is dry to touch before you top up with water
AIR CLEANER | YES | Will assist in purifying the air
PET + BABY FRIENDLY | NO | We suggest placing out of reach from pets or young children as they can cause mouth irritation and digestive reaction
FEEDING | SEASONALLY | Fertilise with a slow-release fertiliser or with liquid feed, refreshed once per month during spring and summer

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