Carbon Neutral Order Donation
Carbon Neutral Order Donation

Carbon Neutral Order Donation

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Let's give you the lowdown, plant lover

Carbon offsets are an effective, practical and brilliant way to reduce the negative impact of climate change by funding clean water projects, renewable energy or forestry across the globe. 

These projects reduce emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere, like the emissions created from ordering something online.

EcoCart calculates the emissions created from your Wilde House order and donates the exact dollar amount required to reduce those emissions directly to these projects on your behalf.

See current EcoCart projects here.

*Please note that the plant image is for styling purposes only. You can also offset your order at checkout.

What's included

Your new best frond

A healthy, thriving and utterly lush houseplant, grown in our greenhouse and delivered directly to  you. Breathe easy at home with your newest green addition.

Nursery pot

Plant purchases include a healthy plant in its nursery pot with premium potting mix + slow release fertiliser. Please note if you purchase an Ecopot with your plant, it will be repotted for delivery.

Tips & tricks

All the tips and tricks for expert-level care via our QR coded welcome card. We are here to help you become the ultimate Aussie plant parent you've always dreamt of being.

Go on...make it carbon neutral!

There's nothing better than knowing you've contributed to a greener, brighter future. Here at Wilde House, we're proud to partner with EcoCart, giving you the ability to offset your order and make it carbon neutral at checkout. And the best part? See the direct positive impact you're making in this world.

To date, the EcoCart global community has offset 11,734,857 kgs of CO2 and saved 848,214 trees!