Spider Plant | Chlorophytum Ocean
Spider Plant | Chlorophytum Ocean
Spider Plant | Chlorophytum Ocean
Spider Plant | Chlorophytum Ocean

Spider Plant | Chlorophytum Ocean

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Meet Chloe our trailing Chlorophytum Ocean, commonly known as the Spider plant. 

Fear not friends...this gals legs won't creep and crawl all over you. Instead, she grows long ribbon like leaves that send out runners with tiny baby plants known as spiderettes (oh hey cuties), making Chloe an ideal hanger plant in our hanging EcoPot. Hang her in medium light, or simply place her on a higher bookshelf to create impact in your home.

Fun Fact: Spider plants can be easily propagated and shared amongst your friends. Simply plant the spiderette in a pot filled with lightweight indoor potting mix, splash a little water and watch your mini Spider plant grow! 

POT SIZE | LARGE | 200mm (nursery pot) + 270mm (with hanging EcoPot)
DIFFICULTY | CAREFREE | Very easy, perfect for beginners
LIGHT LEVEL | INDIRECT | Place in medium light. Spider plants can tolerate shade
WATER | 5 - 10 DAYS | Water moderately. Keep top layer of soil moist but not wet. Ensure not to overwater
AIR CLEANER | YES | Will assist in purifying the air
PET + BABY FRIENDLY | YES | Spider Plants are non-poisonous - happy days!
FEEDING | SEASONALLY | Fertilise with a slow-release fertiliser or with liquid feed, refreshed once per month during spring and summer

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    What's included

    Your new best frond

    A healthy, thriving and utterly lush houseplant, grown in our greenhouse and delivered directly to  you. Breathe easy at home with your newest green addition.

    Nursery pot

    Plant purchases include a healthy plant in its nursery pot with premium potting mix + slow release fertiliser. Please note if you purchase an Ecopot with your plant, it will be repotted for delivery.

    Tips & tricks

    All the tips and tricks for expert-level care via our QR coded welcome card. We are here to help you become the ultimate Aussie plant parent you've always dreamt of being.

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